The First Impression: Macadamia Hair Products

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Have you guys ever tried those products form Macadamia? And do you like them?

I got those in the first week of Augustus, because of the YouTube video from Chenpeipei (her youtube name is newapplearial's channel), who is a Taiwanese girl. She shared her favorite products of July in that video, and she said she used those two hair products from Macadamia and they are pretty good. 

So, I decided to try them on my own hair and see if I am gonna like it or not. I paid those two products all by my own money, so I am not sponsored!

As you know I am living in Belgium, which is kind of a small country, lots of product we can't find in the shops. I was thinking maybe I can get them online or on ebay, but the shipping cost is always a nightmare, especially if the products come form America, or country outside the EU.

But this time luckly enough I found Macadamia products in Belgium! You can pruchase them online, on BeautyBay or Feelunique, but you can also purchase them in store in Antwerp, which called Haarboetiek. You can find all the info on its website.

I picked up two products:

Macadamia Deep repair Masque 500ml: €35,90

Macadamia Healing oil Treatment 125ml: €19,90

My hair condition: I have naturally straight hair, I don't straight or curl or color my hair that often. My problem is just the ends of my hair are very dry and a little bit frayed.

So, here is what I am thinking after the first use: 

Frist of all: the SMELL

I am quite liking the smell of both products, especially the deep repair masque. The smell is quite light, and very pleasant. The smell is not heavy at all, it's very natural. The smell of the oil is not that specific, you can't really tell, I think because it's just the smell of the oil self.  

Both of the smell is quite good. Your hair smells even good on the second day.  

My score: 5/5 

Secondly: the TEXTURE

The texture of the deep repair masque is quite thick, which is very reasonable. Because you want you hair get moisturized and repaired. You can't tell when your hair is still wet, but after blow drying, you can definitely see the result. Your hair get very smooth, soft and silky. Don't use too much oil on your hair especially if you have oil hair like I do. It will make you feel very heavy and greasy. 

My score: 5/5  

Finally: the PRICE

You may be thinkg why people spend that much money on a hair mask or hair oil, the cheap product does the same work. I doubted also before the purchasing, and I ask myself if I really needed it. There is no certain answer of this question. It all depends on what you want or what you need. 

Speaking of the price of those two products, I want to say they were absolutely quite pricey, but considering of the content of the bottle, it definitely will last you for a very long time. 

My score: 4/5 

How To Use? 

I use the hair deep repaire mask twice a week, leave it about 5 minutes. And the oil treatment I use it every time after washing my hair. I just use one pump(is quite a lot product) at the ends of my wet hair, and then just blow dry it. 

Ps: The photo was taken on the second day of using the hair mask and oil, no styling products, and not straight my hair neither. 

So, I hope you like this blogpost, and good luck everyone! 

Love you all,