A Little Beauty Haul From Net-A-Porter

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hi lovelies, happy to see you guys again. Several days ago I got a mail from the website net-a-porter, which is a designer website in case you don't know. It also sells beauty products such as SK II, Burberry Beauty, Hourgalss, This Works, Charlotte Tilbbury, By Terry etc.

I was very excited when I received the mail because I always wanted to place some orders on this website, but just couldn't push myself to do it, because the shipping cost is just too expensive, it's € 15, which is a lot! And now you can get your order with free shipping!

That is so nice! 

Let's first to talk about the package, how beautiful this pacakage is, especially when you purchase something as a gift for your family or your friends, it will surprise them. And it's for FREE! You don't need to pay any pennies for this beautiful box.

Ok, let's move on to the stuff that I got. I only got two things.

I got the Charlotte Tilbury LIGHT Wonder Youth-Boosting Foundation SPF 15 Shade 5 Medium.
And the concealer The Retoucher Shade 2 Fair.

The foundation was €38,00 and the concealer was €29,74.

I know, I know, they are expensive... and I already have lots of foundations, but you know what, a girl will never have enough makeup and shoes AND clothing AND handbags AND SO ON.

I will definitely do a review on those two babes, and let you know how I'm feeling about.

Hope you guys are doing well and have a nice weekend.

Love you all,