Review: Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF 15

Monday, 15 September 2014

Have you ever heard this brand? I think you will say YES. Have you ever tried the products from this brand? Maybe... NOPE.

So, today I want to give you a general review of the Maestro Fusion Foundation by the brand Giorgio Armani. 

I got this foundation in the month July, in the beginning I didn't like it that much, because it's quite different to the other foundation that I adore. I was not sure about how I felt it, and if I am gonna like it. So, I put it on the side, and decided to use my other foundation like I usually did. 

And this month, I thought I would give it a go, and to see how it worked on my skin(because it's quite pricey, I don't want to waste money). It does say it's for oily skin, and I do have combo skin. 

So, let's see how I am feeling about this foundation. 

First of all, the package

Well, it's pretty, nothing that special to mention here. It's just like other high-end brands, the matte glass bottle, with the tupe type thing(sorry I don't know what it calls). It's very easy to control how many product you need, I think this design is pretty cool. 

Secondly, the price

Like other Giorgio Armani foundation or products this one is also quite pricey. It was € 66,20 on, it can be a little different in different countries, but in Belgium it is expensive. 

Next I want to talk about the smell, strong scent when you first time use it, but then I felt that this smell didn't bother me that much. Especially when you apply it on your face, you can't smell it any more. 

The consistency, this is a water based foundation, so it's quite liquid. When you first put it on your skin, you felt a little bit oily, but then it dries to a semi-matte, slightly powdery finish. 


When I apply my foundation, I ususlly use the expert face brush from Real Tehchniques, or the LY 34 foundation brush from the Louis Young. I tried to use the brush first time but I felt like it was quite difficult to blend it into your skin, it looks cakey. And I absolutely hated it. Then I tried to use my finger to apply it, it's more easier than using the brush. And I suggest don't use too much product, a little goes a long way, 2 or 3 drops are enough for your entire face. 

One drop
The shades

I use the shade 5,5 which is a light to medium shade with yellow undertone. There are lots of shade, so it's good both for pale or dark skin color. 

Last but not least, is the coverage

I have to say if you like medium to high coverage foundation, this one may be not for you. I like lightweight foundation, I put one layer on my face but you still could see some pimples and the pores. 

5 hours later...

After 5 hours, when I came back from work, I felt like that my foundation disappeared a lot(especially on my forehead). But my skin was not greasy during the day and I didn't touch my face at once. So, maybe this is a good news for the people who has oily skin. 

So, recommend or not? 

  • Price:              
  • Smell:             
  • Coverage:       
  • Quality:          

I hope this review can help you a bit. If you have other opinions please comment down below and let me know, I will be happy to see what you think.