Review: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hello guys, today I will do a review on Giorgio Armani lumineus silk foundation. I am shade 4. I bought this foundation when I was in London 3 weeks ago. I got it in Selfridges for £35,50 which is quite expensive I think. But whatever I heard so many great things about this foundation and I want to try it for a very long time.

Before the review, I want to ask you guys, what do you think about the reviews on the Youtube from the beauty gurus? Because I found when one specific product lunches in the market, there are many reviews on Youtube, it is a good thing because other people can get some useful information of the product. But, when I searched this foundation of Giorgio Armani I found so many good reviews. They said how amazing of the product, it's the best foundation they've ever used, it's worth the money, you have to try it etc. I am a little bit confused after I tried the product which they described as amazing or best product ever (not this armani one). I know some of the beauty gurus on Youtube are supported by some brands, so they get products for free, and then they will do a review video for this product or brand to help the brand becomes more popular. it's a sort of business, I can understand, just sometimes feel a little bit uncomfortable. Because of there reviews people spent money on the items that it's actually not worth the money. And the most of the products are not cheap, people wasted the money and didn't get the right product.

Ok, I have to stop. You know sometimes you can't complain because the final decision made by yourself... So think again before you make the decision.

Let us get into the review of the Giorgio Armani foundation.

  • Price: £35,50 which is €43,71 in Euro. 
    • Quite pricey
    • In Belgium you can only buy it in Parfuma, the price is much higher than it in the UK. 
  • Shade: there a many choices of the shades, both for pale and dark skin tone. 
    • Range: 21 shades in total
  • Package:
    • it comes in a glass bottle, the package is very chic.
    • it comes also with a pump so you can easily get the right amount of the product. 
  • Smell: the smell is quite perfume. It's ok, but I prefer the foundation without perfume. 
  • Coverage: medium
    • If you don't like full coverage foundation, this one will be suit for you. 
    • is's buildable, but I don't recommend put too much on you face, it's a little bit cakey.

Here is a swatch on my hand of shade #4

  • Application: I use my Real Tehniques Expert Face Brush to blend it, you can also use your figer, but I recommend to use a foundation brush or beauty blender, it will be more easier. 
This shade is a little bit lighter on my skin now, but I don't want to purchase another bottle, is not good for my bank account. 

So, recommend or not? 

  • Price:              
  • Smell:             
  • Coverage:       
  • Quality:          

You can always ask for a sample size of the foundation to find the right color before puchasing for the full size.

I like this foundation, but not too much. I don't use it as my everyday foundation, because first of all it is too light for me, secondly it has no spf. And lastly it's not easy to apply with the brush because it is quite thick for me, I like sheer foundation. Maybe I have to try the another brush or use sponge to apply it. To compare with the Chanel Vitalumière aqua foundation and Estee Lauder double wear light I much prefer the Chanel and Estee Lauder one.

So, this is my review, I hope it is helpful for you!