Are You Ready For the Upcoming Autumn/Winter: 5 Wardrobe Essentials

Thursday, 4 September 2014

What is your favorite season of the year? 

I love Spring and Autumn, because I can layer my clothes as many as I want.  

My style in the past years had changed a lot. The trendy clothing is not always the best for you. I didn't realize that when I was young, so I had no style. I talked about the YouTube in my last blogpost, I do really think that Youtube has changed my life a lot. It's not only the clothing or beauty stuffs, but also the views or the awareness of my style, my body shape and also what would suit me better.

After years and years of disaster today I finally find what would suit me better and how to make me feel better at the same time. 

Back to the wardrobe essential, you don't need spend hundred or thousand dollars on a designer piece, just because it's in trend. No, don't do that, I promise you will regret buying it after 10 minutes or even less. 

Wardrobe Essential Nr. 1

V Neck T-Shirt 

A simple white V neck shirt is your best friend especially when you have no idea what you want to wear in the morning, and you have only 10 minute to get ready. I don't want to talk it about any more, because this is a must have in your wardrobe. 

I like good quality T shirt, because I think the fabric is very important, it gives the right shape and also after few washes, it doesn't shrunk or get unshaped. 

Wardrobe Essential Nr. 2

Black Jeans (Topshop Joni 50€)

If you don't have long legs, or skinny legs, that is totally OK. But you still want to wear jeans? No problem, you just need a good pair black skinny jeans, and you will feel comfortable and confident at the same time. 

I love the Topshop Joni Jeans. They are super high waisted and super comfy to wear. 

Wardrobe Essential Nr. 3

Leather Jacket (& other stories 295€)

Leather jacket will never go out of the style! Trust me, it's the most long wear clothing piece in your wardrobe. I like to invest in a good quality leather jacket, it must be soft and well structured, not too much detailing as well. 

Wardrobe Essential Nr. 4

Striped Shirt, Dress or... (& other stories 55€)

Who doesn't like stripes? I do like them, they are my favorite print all the time. I have already owned many pieces of striped clothes, but I am still looking for another one. If you think black and white is too harsh on you, maybe you can try the white & blue, or white & gray stripes, there're always many choices.  

Wardrobe Essential Nr. 5

Long Black Coat (all saints 368€)

Love this black coat, the symmetry look makes this coat very chic. It's a plain coat, but is very different. I like the small details like this, it not too much, just make your look more intersting. 

These 5 items are my wardrobe essentials in the upcoming fall/winter seasons. Let me know what are your wardrobe essentials and which one is your favorite. 

Good night and have a nice dream! 

Love you guys,