Do We Miss You - Exclusive Beauty Brands In Belgium

Sunday, 24 May 2015

When you live in a country where you cannot find that wide variety of beauty brands, you might try to find them online, and found the shipping cost is just make you crazy. Every time when I fell in love with a new brand, the first thing I do is heading to the website Google and try to find it in Belgium, unfortunately the successeful per cent was always out of my expectation. But it's fine, if I really wanted I always could find the 'one' in somewhere.

Urban Decay as a well-know beauty brand has been staying in my mind for at least 3 or 4 years, since I started with my makeup collection, I've already known this brand, its eye primer, and Naked pallette, those two things are such popular stars in the beauty world. I remember not long ago this brand you still could get in Sephora in Netherland, but for some reason all the Sephora stores were closed, after then Urban Decay and Sephora and other brands were just out of our life. 

The exciting news is that we will have it again next week, in ICI PARIS XL, one of my all-time favorite stores to shop beauty stuff. Beside the common makeup and beauty brands, they do also sell some good exclusive brands, such as By Terry, Clarisonic, Philosophy, Glamglow, DHC, Human+Kind etc. I'm already very satisfied with all these brands, but if they can stock some more, of course, I will be much appreciated. 

Talking about some other exclusive beauty brands, the most wanted has to be Charlotte Tilbury. This lady just makes me cray cray. I'm obsessed with all her stuff. If you are also interested in her makeup products I will link my blog post hereit is all about Charlotte Tilbury -. Now you can only shop it on her website, Selfridges, and net-a-porter website. Speaking of net-a-porter, I absolutely love this website, even though the price always made me want to cry, but it's the best place to shop the designers stuff and the beauty brands you cannot find in Belgium.  

My second favor place are Feelunique and Beautybay. I have done an entire blog post about online shopping, link is here. Those two websites are from UK I believe( if I'm wrong please correct me), the shipping is free if you spend more than €14,00. They do sell a load beauty brands: The First Aid Beauty, Beauty Blender, Elemis, EVE LOM, nails inc, Burberry Beauty, Sigma etc. Sometimes they do also have offers, such as buy 3 get 1 free, or 20% off when you spend €50. Make sure to subscribe the newsletter, sometimes it will have some amazing promotions.

If you only prefer the webshops from Belgium, those two have the best selections on some exclusive brands. Parfuma and Cosmeticary. For the first time I came across Parfuma was because I really wanted to get my hands on the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It was the only place in Belgium you could buy the Giorgio Armani Beauty stuff two years ago, now you can also find it in INNO Brussels, they do also have quite a large variety. Cosmeticary is not only a online shop but they do also have stores in Antwerp and Brussels, the store is not that big, but they do stock the brands like By Terry, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Ren Skincare, Bumble and Bumble etc. The only down side is that they never have promotions or sales on those exclusive brands. But ICI PARIS XL does very good sales every season, I always take some advantages when they do 21% off of all the products, online and in store. For example, the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eye Shadow, the price on Ici Paris XL is €30, and then 21% off, it only costs €23,70. This price compares to the price in UK(£29 in Space.nk), is way more cheaper. Well, now you can tell why I love Ici Paris XL that much, and why I'm so excited to hear that Urban Decay comes to Ici and Belgium.

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