A little Bit About Belgium: 4 Days Trip To 4 Famous Cities

Monday, 13 October 2014

If you've already known a bit of Belgium, maybe this post can give you some extra's. If you've never been to Belgium or any Europe countries, after reading this one you may have to be ready for planning your next trip. 
I'm not a history teacher, and today you are not in school, you don't have homework, and what you need do is just relax, and maybe give yourself a cup of thee. 
Kingdom of Belgium is a small country but it's kind of a little bit complex speaking to the country itself. The local people speak three languages: Dutch in Flanders, French in Brussels and Wallonia. Additionally, there is a small group of German-speakers who are officials recognized. This is the reason why I said small country but big languages. In this post I want take you to 4 cities in 4 days. 

Brussels: The captial of Belgium and also the de facto capital of the European Union.
This is our first stop if you have some days to visit Belgium, Brussels you have to be there for one day at least. There is so many things you can do: Manneken Pis (which is a very famous public sculpture in Brussels), Guildhalls on the Grand Place, Cinquantenaire triumphal arch, the Brussles Stock Exchange etc. The traffic in Brussels and in any other cities in Belgium is very convenience, you can take the underground or the bus, the tram, or the taxi to anywhere you want. Another thing I want to mention is that the ticket of all the public traffic can reuse within 1 hour.
The second day we will visit Antwerp: the Diamond centre. 

Antwerp to me is a Fashionable and modern city, I like go shopping there. If you are a shopaholic maybe you can take half day to visit the shopping streets (Meir) in Antwerp, you will find some amazing stuff there. 
Some recommendations: Grote Market, Plantin-Moretus Museum, Central Station, City Square, Antwerp Zoo, Meir etc. Another tip: visiting in the months January and July, you can find a lot of good bargains. 
BTW, if you are a dimond lover, or if you want to propose your dream girl, maybe you can find something special here! 
DAY 3: Bruges (small but beautiful) 

I like Brussels and Antwerp, but if someone asked me where do I want to live, I definitely will say Bruges! Bruges is 1 hour train far away from the capital Brussels, and 1 hour 40 minutes away Antwerp. Bruges becomes the second well know city in Belgium, you can really enjoy the nature and the mood of the peaceful life in this small town. 
Our last stop: Liège--the capital and part of the Walloon region 

This city for me is quite unfamiliar, I've only visited there for 2 times. The first impression of the city to me was: wow, that is a large city. But there is of course lots of places to visit, such as Prince-Bishops' Palace, which is built in the 10th century, the beautiful façade is a must see. Liege-Guillemins Train Station becomes one of the most well-know architecture in Liège, and it's also one of the biggest train hubs in Europe. The other places like Collegiate Churches, and different museums, shopping malls etc. 
I can just give you some tips and tricks, and my personal opinions here, if you want to find more information would better search on Google or any official websites. 
I think I will also do a post about the food of Belgium, because you know, we love food! 

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