September 2014 Favorites: Beauty & Non-Beauty

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Summer is almost gone in Belgium, this signifies we will suffer lots and lots of rainy days in the upcoming months. Without a doubt, this is a bad news for all Belgian. 

After next week we have to say goodbye to the month September, which means I am ready for sharing with you guys my monthly favorites. 

Beauty Babes:

#1. Laura Mercier Mineral Powder/Shade Classic Beige/Price: $39 or €45,80 on cosmeticary website

This is my first product ever from the brand Laura Mercier, and is also the first mineral foundation that I've ever tried. I discovered this foundation in the beginning of the month September, mainly because I was late that day and I only had 3 minutes to do my makeup. I bought this foundation back in the winter time, but the shade was too dark for me. But now my summer tan is not completely gone so this color matches my skin tone very well. 

I've never tried the foundation powder, because I thought the coverage is not that good as the liquid foundation. But I was really impressed by this Laura Mercier one when I first time applied it into my skin. It shocked me in a good way. The finish is very natural, you even can't tell that I'm wearing foundation. The powder does not dry my skin, and it's not heavy at all.

If you are a mineral foudnation lover, and you don't like to spend too much time on applying foundation, I highly recommend to try this one, you will love it as much as I do. 

#2. Charlotte Tibury The Retouch Conceal & Treat Stick/Shade 2 Fair/ Price: €29,74

This babe is my new obsession this month. I use this concealer to brighten my under eye area, and on any blemishes, or acne scars. The consistency is quite lightweight, and very creamy. I got the shade 2 Fair, it's a lighter shade than my normal skin tone, but I prefer my concealer a little bit lighter. There are only 3 shades in this range, but I heard some news said that Charlotte Tibury did an another line for the dark skin tone people. 

Water resistent, non-perfumed, fragrance free, paraben free, non-comedogenic... We all need a good sunscreen to protect our skin, and this is the best one that I've ever tried. There are a bunch of beautiful words to describe this product. Do I need add some others?? NOPE. 

#4. Combo: Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish/Color: 237 Soul Session & Bourjois Dissolvant 1 Seconde Nail Polish Remover 

I bought those two babes last week... I know it's quite recently, but I am really enjoying use them. The Rimmbel Salon Pro nail polish was my first one from this brand, I was really impressed by the color of this nail polish. It just make me very happy when I look at my nails. Happy life is the best life! 

Speaking to the nail remover, I hate to remove the nail polish, it's bother me so so much. But this one, what you need to do is just dip each finger into the sponge, twist and remove, your nail polish is instantly removed within 1 second. How amazing is that! 

Non-Beauty Babes:

I have two non-beauty products this month. Both them are food :)

The first one is the Pu-Erh or Pu'er Tea. I got it in the local tea store. I don't know if you have ever heard of the Pu-erh tea, is a dark tea produced in Yunnan in China. 

I drink this tea two times a day, especially when I ate too much meat or the food contains too much fat. I think it helps to blend the fat and make your stomach feel not that full. 

Healthy food is so popular right now, but we also need some sweet treats. 

I discovered this candy in New Look, which is a clothing store. I bought this one just because the color of the candy is so bright, and it's also very strange. But it actually tastes so so good, I can say this is the best candy that I've ever eaten. If you can find this candy in the store, try it, it's amazing! 

Time to say goodbye to you guys! I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Love you,