Review/Comparison: GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD and YOUTHMUD

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Face Mask is always our best friends, especially when the skin need a quick treatment. It's also very different to the skincare products, because you can see the result within 10 minutes.

You know when you follow the trends or watch the youtube videos, you can alway find some good stuffs and you will put all of them in your wish list, someday at some point when you see the product in the store you will immediately think: "Oh, I need this one, because I have seen some good reviews on Youtube and lots of Youtubers talked about it, they will be pretty good." So, this was what I was thinking when I saw the GlamGlow Youthmud mask in Sephora in Beijing when I was on holiday this winter.

And... This was happened! 
I am not complaint it. No, I am not... I try not to...

Ok, let's back to the products. 

When I first put the Youthmud mask on my skin, it's quite different to the products that I have every tried, but you felt that the mask really did grab your skin and tried to pull the dirty things out of your pores. This process irritated your skin a little bit, but for me it's totally ok. If you have sensitive skin maybe this one is not for you.

After 5 or 6 minutes when your mask is dried, rinse the mask off with warm water, and you can also gently massage the product while you wash off the mask. 

BTW, please ignore my pinky PJ : )
I use it once or twice a month, if you have very oily skin, you can use it more but I had tried to use it every week, and I found my skin was super dry. So, I do not recommend use it too often. 

The second one I bought last month in Ici Paris xl in Antwerp. The reason was the same as the first one, I just could't resist. 

The Thirstymud is a hydrating mask as you can tell from the name. 

I was quite happy with this mask, it does the work, made my skin super hydrated. In the description it says that you can use it also as a overnight mask, I think it's a good idea. 

I use it once a week, or when your skin is a little bit dehydrated. I prefer use it at night, a little bit goes a long way, although it's pricey but you can use it for a really long time. 

Both products were €49,95 at Ici Paris XL(online and in store). 


If you have dry skin or normal skin I will recommend you to buy the Thirstymud Mask, I really enjoy using this one as a night treatment. 

The Black one is not bad, but I think to spend that much money on a mask is a little bit... too much. Of course you can always ask for a sample to test on your own skin, and to see which one you prefer. 

I haven't tried the BRIGHDMUD Eyemask and the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment. I am not sure I will buy them in the future but we will see.... 

If you have tried those two products please let me know. I will be happy to hear from any of you. 

Hope you all have a nice week and see you soon.