Chinese Moon Festival (中秋节)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Yesterday was Chinese Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, it's on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Moon Festival has a very long history in China, the most Chinese people celebrate this festival with their family or friends. It's also one of the most important Chinese festivals in the year except the Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately I worked whole day yesterday until 7 pm, I was tired and I was alone. There was nothing to do except eating a moon cake in this special day to treat myself after a long day. 

This is called Moon cake, which is special designed for the Moon Festival. It has a very special meaning for the Chinese people, it means a family reunion and best wishes to the family and friends. 

Yesterday was also my mom's birthday. She was super lucky that was born on the same day as the Moon Festival, which means in China she is a lucky person, and would have a lot of happiness in her life.  

Moon cake is a traditional Chinese bakery product eaten during the Moon Festival, they are offered between friends and family while celebrating the festival in the evening.

I like this kind of cake with yolks and sweat lotus seed paste. Of course there are many different tastes, but I like this one the most. If you have a chance to try the Chinese moon cake I definitely highly recommend to do it, because you will never know if you like or hate it.

Wish you guys have a nice week and see you soon!

Love you,