My Shopping Experience: Alexander Wang for H&M Collection 2014

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Today is 6th November! Well, maybe this date for you is not that special, but I was already excited for over a month, and couldn't wait for any longer. Today is the launch of the Alexander Wang for H&M collection! I got up super early and put my comfy colth on and I said to myself:"Ok, I'm ready!"

And now is the afternoon of 6th November, of course my shopping trip to H&M was over, I am happy with what I saw and what I got. And I think why not to share with you guys some shopping experience of this special trip. 

TIP Nr.1: Preparation is super important

Like every year H&M did, you can always preview the collection on the website, you can find all the information on social media as well: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. What I have done was at first by searching the full collection online and watching the show. Then you had your first impression of all the looks, if you were interested in and decided to add some clothing items in your wardrobe, which meant that you were ready for the next step. 

TIP Nr.2: Select your favorite clothing items from the collection

You can't buy all the stuff (if well, skip this step), and if you want to make decision in store, you will miss all the pieces you wanted, and waste a lot of time. So select first your favorite clothing items at home which will make your trip much more easier. I download the app of H&M, and when they added their 'Guest Designer' line to its collection, I immediately knew it's time to pick up my favorite pieces. 

TIP Nr.3: Put some comfy clothing on

Shopping is not always easy, especially for the limited collection. Sometimes you have to 'fight' with other people and sometimes you have to wait for some quite time. When I go shopping, I always make sure that I feel comfortable, and am ready for the action 'on' and 'off'. T-shirt, legging and cosy boots are the best combination in this cold weather.

TIP Nr.4: Try the size bigger or smaller

If you couldn't find the right size anywhere else, try the bigger or smaller one that on the rack rather than giving up. Because you never know it fits or not. I found the size from different brands is always quite different, sometimes I can fit into EUR34 wich is UK4, but sometimes I have to wear the size EUR38 or UK10. So don't think too much about the size, just put on and see how it looks on you. 

TIP Nr.5: Which store you will go

There is absolutely not only one H&M store in your country, or your city. Go to the biggest one if you can, because they will have the full collection rather than just a small part of the collection. Last year and this year I went to the H&M store in Ghent, which is 25 minutes from where I live. I didn't feel too much different last year, but today I felt maybe I have to go to the city Antwerp or Brussels next year. Because I didn't see the full collection in the store in Ghent, such as the 'Parka with down vest for women', 'Perforated Patterned Bikini', 'Suede Boot', 'Over-knee Socks' and the 'Leather Slip-ins'. The 'Down Jacket' for men I haven't see it in store as well. 

To the end of today's post. I don't know what you guys think about this collection. I tried most of the clothing items, I was putting the short scuba top with the logo 'Wang' on my list, but I didn't know why it just did not fit me at all. And the outerwears were too big on me, even though the size is small. 

Overall I'm happy today, with this shopping experience, with my trip to H&M store in Ghent, and also with my purchase. 

I hope you guys also have a pleasant day and see you soon!

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