Wardrobe Organization: How To Clear Out & Tidy Up Your Wardrobe

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Every time after watching 'My Closet Tour' on YouTube, I was always dreaming of my own closet. If I'm going to buy my own house in the future I'm sure that I will design my own closet and make it like 'a princess wardrobe'. But now you know what, even though my wardrobe is kinda small but I'm still gonna make it clean and well-organized. 

I do not clean up my wardrobe that often, because it's kinda a boring thing to do. But when I felt that I owned too many clothing items, and there is no space for my new obbsessions, I will definitely sit down and think about what I'm gonna do next. For the most time I had no plan for it, so I just go through of every clothing piece that I have and try to sort out the old clothing items that I'm not gonna wear any more, stuff that out of the trend, or the clothing that I don't like any more. This clear out process will make your next step much more easier. Put your 'don't like' clothes in a bag and it will go to the charity shop. 

If you've always gotten headache of your clothing, here are some tips and tricks for you to tidy up your small wardrobe and make it clean and well-organized. 

#1. Section your wardrobe

I'm kinda of an organization person but somehow I still mess my things. If you wanna make this cleaning process easier and quicker, the first thing you need to do is section your wardrobe. Don't put all the clothing together, it's not only make your wardrobe messy and unorganized, it also wastes your time when you want to find the clothing you want to wear in the morning. Section your wardrobe in different departments, such as T-shirts, Dresses, Jeans, Sweaters, Skirts etc. This step will also make your future wardrobe clear out or clean up easier and using less time as well. 

#2. YES or NO

By asking yourself few questions to make the decision of keeping it or giving it away. If we can't help ourselves shopping a lot, this step will keep your wardrobe not overwhelming. YES: I still wear it; I like this brand; I like this style; It's a classic style; KEEP it in your wardrobe - You still love it - NO: I haven't worn it in 6 months or longer; the quality is not that great; the color is too bright for me; it's out of the trend; GIVE it away - You will not gonna wear it any more - 

#3. Storing out of seasons clothes

When the space in your wardrobe is not large enough to storage all your clothes, it is time to store out of seasons clothing items apart. In the summer time you don't need any of your sweaters, or winter coats, so store them in an apart box, put it above your wardrobe or under the bed. And in the winter time you can do the same project for your summer clothes.

#4. Most used items vs. Least used items

Store your most-used items in front of your eyes, less used-items below or deep-inside in your wardrobe, and least-used items in the storages or boxes. When you want to clear out your wardrobe, the first thing to do is clear out the clothes in the storages or boxes, and then you can go through the pieces inside your wardrobe. 

#5. Good looking storages

If your wardrobe is kinda small and you can't put all of your clothes in it, you can always buy some storages or boxes to store your clothes. Such like the clothing items that less get creases; or clothes for special occasions; you can also store your shoes in the boxes to keep them clean and well-shaped. A good looking storage or box can not only tidy up your room, it also makes you feel good and makes the whole cleaning process have more fun. 

If you have some good ideas for organization, please let me know down below...

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