My Top 5 Favorite Youtubers 2014

Sunday, 17 August 2014

As a beauty and fashion enthusiast YouTube is absolutely my old time favorite channel to follow the trend or know some new products.

I have been into YouTube for almost 4 years. In the beginning I wasn't a big fan of YouTube, and I even didn't know anything about fashion or beauty. I was just a little girl who lived in a small corner of the world and never really touched any makeup products or fashion magazines. You may be shocked by this 'amazing' news, but it's a real story. I bought my first makeup in the age of 22 or 23, which is quite late, I know, especially for the teenage girls who have been already wearing makeups for years and years. I am special, that was how I explain to myself.

Now, as you can tell, I am a big fan of YouTube. I have learned so much from this platform, and I am sure even in the future I will still learn things from it.

Today's blog is about My Top 5 Old Time Favorite Youtubers. Hope you enjoy!

Nr. #1

Bubzbeauty and her vlog channel Bubzvolgz

Bubz or Lindy is one of my favorite beauty youtubers. I especially love her vlogs, it's so funny. I love her dogs: Domo and Chubbi, they are the cutest dogs that I have ever seen.

Watching her volgs make me feel so much happier, if she posted a new vlog on her channel, it's definitely the highlight of my day.

Nr. #2

StyleSuzi and her volg channel StyleSuziVolgs

Love her hauls and makeup looks, and she looks amazing. I always want to learn how to make the eyes look bigger, like hers, but... unfortunately I am not that talented as her : (

I also love to watch her vlogs. Through the vlogs, you can see what she is doing, what is her daily life. She is not only a youtuber or beauty blogger who lives far away from us, you feel like you are more close to her, to her life. When you know more about her, you will love her more.

Nr. #3


I love Barbara's style. She inspires me so so much. I hope there is a Topshop in Belgium so that I can copy everything she got.

I had no style when I was 19 years old, I didn't shop, I didn't know how to style myself in a good way, and I even didn't know why I had to dress up to make myself look nicer.

I only worn comfy clothings, I worn oversized-jeans, I worn old school's sweater which was from my mom, I worn trainers all the time, I had no makeups on my face, no jewelry, always took the same backpack to school. That was the life that I have ever had.

Can you believe that? 
Me too.

Nr. #4

Essiebutton and her volg channel Essiebuttonvlogs

I knew her form an another youtuber, she said Essie is an amazing girl, and does amazing videos. So I went to her channel and watched her videos, and then, what's happend? I am also falling love with her.

That is all, so simple, but reasonable. Just because she is an amazing girl. Since the trend of doing vlogs on the YouTube, I found that I'm more closer to those amazing people who does amazing videos.

That is nice, isn't it? 
And that make me happy as well.

Nr. #5


Anna is such a happy girl and does amazing job on beauty stuffs, such as products reviews, makeup tutorials, products recommendations, beauty tips etc.

I am not alway trust the reviews on YouTube, because I thought sometimes it's not real, or they made the videos only for making money, that make me feel bad and uncomfortable.

But I like Anna's reviews or monthly favorites videos. No any other reasons why I trust her, why I love her videos, if you really want to know, all I can say is just because she is Anna. And she is absolutely gorgeous.

If you have never seen her videos before, go to her channel, watch her videos, and I'm sure you will immediately love her as I did.

That it is. Of course, I am not only loving those five youtubers, there are absolutely other amazing youtubers that I am also in love with. Such as Lily Pebbles, Amelia Liana, Michelle Phan, Dulce Candy, Newapplearial, Fleur DeForce and so on.

If you are addicted to YouTube, to Fashion and Beauty, like I do, go to the website, and type any words that are related to fashion or beauty, then you will find lots of great videos.

Who Is Your Favorite YouTuber?