Thursday, 16 October 2014

When you were a little girl you might be not care what your body looked like, you might be not care how many sweeties you ate during the day, you might be not care how many spots you got on your face. Yes, I didn't care about that when I was 18 years old. But now, my body told me: you are not in your best condition, you ate not healthy, you did way less sport in the week and etc. 
That was why I've changed my life style. I tried to eat more and more vegetables, even I was not hungry, I still tried to eat some food in the lunch time and dinner time, because you know what, you didn't feel hungry does not mean that your body didn't be hungry as well. And breakfast is so so important! I was not a breakfast person at all, I didn't feel hungry in the morning, I didn't want to eat. But I figured out when you get older, if you didn't get enough energy from your breakfast, you even cound't start your day. 
Okay, let's back to today's post, which is Teatox. I want to start doing the Teatox for really long time, but I still couldn't find any products in the market in Belgium. But this time when I went to a shop called 'De Tuinen' I found this one: BOOTEA 14 DAY TEATOX. I was super excited to try it out!

Two bags in this teatox box: Daytime Detox and Bedtime Cleanse. 

Daytime Detox: every morning before your breakfast, if you forget, just drink it when you get a chance, but I think it's better to drink when you woke up in the morning. 

Bedtime Cleanse: every other night before bed(starting at day 1). 
The ingredients are very natural and healthy, such as leaves, ginger oot, seeds, lemongrass etc. 
I am not starting it yet, I plan to start it next week on monday, because it's easy to remember. I will give you a review after I finished it. If you have any experience of detox, please let me know. 
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