A Big News To All Of Us In Belgium

Monday, 6 April 2015

If you've already been to somewhere by taking plane from Brussels Airport, you might know what I'm gonna tell you by the title. Yes, We will have Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and Joe Malone counter in the Brussels Airport. YES! This news apparently made my day! 

If you have already booked a plane to somewhere, I think you'd better to be in airport maybe 3 hours earlier? Make sure that you will have enough time to shop your favourite brands: Bobbi Brown? or Tom Ford? Joe Malone? Or all three! 

I found this big news on ELLE.be today, and then I just became super excited, even though I have no plan at all, but maybe I can ask my friends to help me a little bit... Who knows! 

Bobbi Brown and Tom Ford you can still find its makeup counters in Belgium, in Brussels and Antwerp. Or you can also purchase it online, on cosmeticary.com but for the perfume brand Joe Malone, you can only find it in Amsterdam or UK, it is very hard to get in Belgium. I always want to try its perfume, have heard so many great things. There are so many YouTubers( Essie Button, Fleur DeForce, Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lily Pebbles etc.) talked and raved about it and said how much they adore this brand. Finaly we can also have a counter in Belgium, even it's still a little bit far away from me, I'm still getting very excited. I truly hope we can bring this brand to Belgium very soon. 

Photo taken by ELLE

Photo taken by ELLE

Photo taken by ELLE

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