Review: Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Foundation

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

This Foundation came out quite a while ago, for some reason I just haven't got the idea to try it out untill last week. As you might know I'm not a huge fan of drugstore foundation, to be honestly there are quite few drugstore brands do really good quality foundation, but I just don't like the formula or the texture, they are too heavy for me and I do not like full coverage foundation at all. I didn't get the full bottle of this Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Foundation, I only asked for a sample size, because you never know if you're gonna like or hate it. Even I said it is a sample size, for me I still can use it at least two times, which is enough to make the decision 'YES' or 'NO'.

The rule to review a foundation, is basically to see the package, the shade, the formula, the coverage, and the lasting power. But for the most time I do not care of the package, and the shade. Because for me the product itself is more important than its package. And I always can find the shade( I'm NC 25 in MAC in case you wonder) that matches my skin tone, which is good for me, but if your skin tone is too pale or too dark, maybe you have to do some research and find your matching colour.

The product comes in a quite small glass bottle, it contains 30ml. This time the shape of the bottle is a little bit different to its other foundation, it's kind of a water drop shape, very interesting. The application that comes with has the same shape of the bottle, which is kinda matchy-matchy. There are 12 shades in total on the Maybelline website, but I'm not sure how many shades are available in store in Belgium. I got the shade #30 Sand, which is a medium shade with yellow undertone. The colour is between MAC NC25 - NC30.

This New Wonder Nude Fluid-Touch Foundation seems very different to the other foundation from Maybelline. The texture is kind watery instead of creamy. It said it's 12x fine than the classic liquid foundatin, for a finish that is impeccable yet undetectable. It's also highly concentrated in skin fusion pigments for a flawless buildable coverage. Which is quite true, the formula of this foundation is quite comparable to the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion SPF 15 Foundation. Both of them have that water-based texture, but the one from Giorgio Armani is a little bit lightweight than this Maybelline one.

It gives you a sheer to medium coverage, of course you can always build it up to achieve a full coverage look. But I would to say because the formula of the foundation, it kinda sheers out a bit when you really blend it into your skin. I've tried to put an another layer under my eye area, and on my forehead to cover up any imperfections, but it is not a concealer, if you have really bad dark circles for sure you still need some extra coverage.

Last but not least is the lasting power. I've worn this foundation for all day long, at least 6 hours. In the afternoon when I looked at the mirror my T-zone got a little bit shiny, which is very normal to my skin type. This foundation seems to be for all skin type, but if you have very oily skin, you definately need a good powder or primer, especially in the summer time.

Sorry guys the lighting is a little bit darker, it's in the nature light, no filters no editing as well 
Only this Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation, no concealer and other makeup. You can still see the spots on my forehead and on my chin

Buy or Not? I think I'm not gonna add this foundation to my collection. First of all I'm not a huge fan of this water-based formula; secondly this foundation doesn't make me feel amazing, or it doesn't make me very impressed; lastly I do not need any more foundation. My mom always asks me: When can you finish all your foundation? It's a good question, unfortunately I do not know the answer.

To people who are interested in the Giorgio Armani Maestra Fusion Foundation you might can try this Maybelline one at first and see how you feel about this formula. Because Giorgio Armani makeup is kinda expensive, and the price of the Maybelline foundation is obviously very affordable.

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