Inspiration Time: Mini Tattoos

Monday, 26 January 2015

When it's speaking of Tattoo, the first word came in my mind is: "Pain". I don't know how other people feels about that, but I don't have any tattoo's, and I have no plan to get one as well. But when today I saw these pictures on Facebook, I immediately fell in love with those mini tattoos. So, I think why not to give you guys some inspiration of mini tattoo's. Maybe in the future I will get one too. Who know... 

You can make your own tattoo; your name, your girl friend's name, words that have always inspired you a lot in the past, date that had some special meaning to you, or just some simple signs. You can really get inspired by everything and anything in your life. 

So... Let's just be positive, every single day! 

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