Vogue Paris' Panoplies: Special Gifts For Christmas 2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I was a big big Lover of Barbie dolls when I was a little girl. Even though now when I saw her blond hair, big blue eyes, pinky dress, I still can't say NO to those beautiful dolls! 

I think every girl had a dream when she owned her first barbie. It might mean something special to her, or it owned a girl's dream, such like some princess and prince stories, a castle, a fancy dress, a ball or things that can be happend in the fairy tales. Well, you know, who doesn't want to live as a princess? And who doesn't like those beautiful angels?

Vogue Paris' Panoplies (which means outfits), in this month December made some spcial gifts to all the girls (maybe also some boys) who both love Barbies and Fashion. 

Can you image how big and popular is this Barbie trend now? All these high-end brands now have their own inspired barbies. Barbie in Louis Vuitton suit? Barbie with Chanel bag? Barbie in Valentino dress? Barbie in Fendi t-shirt? Barbie in Gucci boots? What you can image in your mind, now it all came true. 

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