Online Shopping: Where To Find The Best Deals

Sunday, 26 October 2014

I love shop online, because it's the easiest way to get some good deals, of course you can also find some brands that you couldn't find in your local shops. 
Today's post is all about how to find the best deals online or in store. I will share with you my own experience and how I found the deals, or where to find the deals. 

Step #1: Follow your favorite stores or brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media.
You can get any information or news from those social media. For example, I love Urban Outfitters, so I followed them on Facebook. If there were any information about sales, promotion code or any deals online or in store, I will immediately know that. Such as this week they did a 'buy one get one free' special offer in store in Antwerp, and I saw it on Facebook on Wednesday evening, and I really wanted to buy something,  so I decided to go to the store on Thursday. This special offer was only on Wednesday and Thursday, but because when it came out on Facebook, I immediately saw it, so I could get this deals on and enjoy this super promotion. 

Step #2: Subscribe the newsletter.
If you love some brands, such as American Apparel, Topshop or others, you can subcribe their newsletter so that you will receive mails when they did some special price or when the sales start. Sometimes they will also give their loyal customers some special promotion codes to make them order things online. I frequently receive the emails from American Apparel, I love their clothing pieces, such as Easy Jeans, Jumpers, Skirts etc. But they are quite expensive. So I subscribed their newsletter because I knew I would like to get some interesting information. They do also some secret sales but it's only for people who have subscribed their newsletter, you received emails with some special promotion codes, such as 30% off on everything, or 20% off on basic pieces. It sounds not too much but if you are familiar with this brand you will know their clothing are quite pricey and some of them were never on sale. So if you want to purchase something that a little bit pricey and you knew that it's never on sale, then you  can use the code and save some money. 

Step #3: Go to the websites.
If you already have too much emails, and you don't want to be bothered. You can directly visit their website and find some useful information. Be sure to check the website frequently because you never knew when the sale starts. I like to check the website ASOS almost every week, because I knew they have a sale section, you can always find some good prices. 

Step #4: Additional promo code.
If you eyed something for a really long time and it's finally in the sale but you still were not sure about it. My suggestion is wait a little bit, if they still have many stocks in store or online. Why I do that? Just because after few weeks or even at the end of the sale you can get some extra promo, such as additional 10% off, or buy one get the second for 50%. But of course you have to be sure that they are still available and have your size. If you live in Belgium or Netherland I will recommend to shop on Zalando, because they do really good stuff and have a lot of brands, now they still have lots of items on sale and you can get extra 10% off on their sale stuff. 

Step #5: Considering of the shipping cost.
Ship to Belgium is absolutely not cheap. Such as American Apparel, it costs €8,00 to ship to Belgium, or Topshop: €6,00. Urban Outfitter: €4,90. So before place your order on the website which they don't do free shipping, check first the shipping cost to your country, because sometimes it can be quite pricey. 

If you want to see where I got my beauty stuff, I have a full blog post about it. I hope you can get some useful information from this blog post, if you have any suggestion on how to find the deals please let me know, I will be very thankful for your recommendation. 

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