Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - This Works, Really?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Yesterday I went to &other stories in Antwerp, and got this babe: Deep sleep pillow spray from the brand thisworks. I've heard so many Youtubers talked about this stuff, most of them said it really helps for getting a better sleep. So I decided to give it a go and lucky enough I found this babe in &other stories, which made me super excited. 

I have some serious problems for getting sleep at night for a really long time. It's just so hard to falling asleep at night. I went to bed quite earlier, normally before 10p.m., but I couldn't sleep until 11p.m., there is no other reasons, just because my brain couldn't stop to think. I think lots and lots of things before I sleep, such as, plan for tomorrow, or what I'm going to do next day, things that happend to me, things about myself, my family, my life etc. I just couldn't sleep! 

This was also the reason why I decided to try this stuff out, because I'm a human, I want to get a better sleep at night. 

I tried this spray last night, it saids before you go to bed spray your pillow or bed cover, it promotes rest and relaxation. It has a very light scent of lavender, nothing too fancy. I went to bed at 10p.m. as usually, I didn't know when I was falling asleep, but I was sure that I had no dreams, didn't wake up at night, didn't hear any noise, until next day morning 6a.m. The quality of the sleeping was quite good I think, but one thing I found is that it didn't help me falling asleep quicker and I still thought lots of things when I was laying in my bed. 

I hope this stuff can really help me sleep better, I have also tried the Deep Sleep Essential Oil from The Body Shop, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. 

You can get this deep sleep pillow spray online (feelunique €20,80, or beautybay €17,80) or in store for €20 at &other stories. 

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