3 Ways To Apply Your Foundation

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

When I first time learned how to apply my foundation, all I knew about was either using your finger tip, or using any foundation brushes. And then I found that applying foundation was not simple at all. Because the different textures we have to change the way or change the tools that we use and try to make the foundation more flawless, more natural, and also last a bit longer. 

After some learning process, finally I found some tips and tricks on how to apply your foundation by using different tools. Which way you prefer to use, sometimes it depends on your habits, but most of the time it depends on the formula of the foundation. 

#1. Foundation Brush

You can use any foundation brush you have, here I'm using the Louise Young LY34 foundation brush as an example. I like to use the brush to apply my foundation when I found the formula of the foundation is a litle bit thick, such as this one: Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation. I have a full blog post to talk about it. This kind of formula is easy to blend by using the foundation brush, of course you can use other tools instead but I found using brush can give you a more flawless look, and it doesn't feel cakey and heavy.

#2. Beauty Blender

Beauty blender was such a popular tool when it first time came out. Until now there is still quite a lot people talk about it. I got mine this month on beautybal.com. When I first time used it to apply my foundation, I was not surprised at all, because I already knew it's good. This small sponge makes the process of applying foundation much more easier, and you can't believe that it makes your foundation super lightweight, and easy to blend into. The feeling was completely different, you felt something that super soft and gentle when it touches to your skin. I like use it to apply a little bit sheer and lightweight foundation, such as the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua.

#3. Your Finger Tip

Last but not least is your finger tip. This is the cheapest way to apply your foundation. If you are a beginner, I will recommend you first try to use your finger tip rather than spending over €40,00 on a MAC brush. Even though I owned these many brushes, I still like to use my finger tip to apply some foundation or BB cream, such as the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup. Click here to see my review on this foundation. I only use my finger tip to blend the foundation when it's super watery and has a very light coverage. 

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog posts, and wish you all have a wonderful week!

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