JUNE Favorites 2014

Monday, 30 June 2014

Hello guys, today is the last day of the month June. And it's time to share with you my June Favorites!

First of all, Skin care!

SK II Facial Treatment Essence

I use this SK II facial treatment for almost three months, I use it in the morning and evening, after cleasning my face I put some of it on my hands, and pat it into the skin, you will find it slowly starts getting a bit tacky and then it disappears into your skin. After using it for couple of weeks, I found that my skin looks much brighter than before.

I bought the biggest bottle, if you are not sure about this product,  try to pucharse a small size or a sample size. But I found if you don't use it for every day or if you can't insist, it will be very difficult to see the result.

My next monthly favorite is the Vitamin E Pure Oil by the brand Dr.organic.

This pure vitamine E oil I only use in the night, before I go to bed. I have oil combination skin, in the summer I am more on the oil side. But this oil does not make you feel sticky or heavy, I just put 3 or 4 drops on my hands and then massage it into my skin. After that I don't use any night cream or other products.

Vitamin E oil helps prevent skin aging and it also improves the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone. This is a very affortable product which is suitable for use on all skin types.

The Clinique take the day off cleansing balm is a very popular product on Youtube. I got this balm in this winter. I have to say I am quite like this product, it does the job and takes all my makeup off without feeling dry.

You can't get this cleansing balm in Belgium. (don't understand why they don't sell this in the Clinique counter)

The France pharmacy is one of my favor stores to buy skin care products. I still remember that my first skin care product from the France pharmacy was the Avène hydrating mask. Avène is also my all time favor brand.

And this time I am falling love with the brand La roche Posay.

The Serozinc toner for oil problem skin cleanses the skin irritation and helps to prevent and soothe diaper rash.

After taking my makeup off I will first spray this toner all over my face and then I will put the SK II treatment as a serum. Gently pad it into the skin, it helps the skin absorb quikely.

My last but not least skin care favorite is the Ultra Repair Cream by the brand First Aid Beauty. Few months ago my skin was very dry and dehydrated. So I got this ultra repair cream to try out. It's not very expensive, so if it's not good I can totally throw it away without wasting too much money.

In fact it's pretty good, it moisturises my skin very well. If you suffer from dry skin, I highly recommend try this moisturiser.

Skin care helps your skin look healthy and beautiful. Makeup makes your skin looking even better.

This month I don't have a lot of makeup favorites, just because I don't wear that much makeups. What I use for every day look is very simple.

Mu favor foundation of the month June is from Givenchy. Eclat Matissime Airy-light Mat Radiance Fluid foundation, SPF 20 PA++. Such a long name...

I'm in the shade 4 Mat Beige.

It's a mat foundation which I prefer in the summer. The color matches my skin tone very well. It is very natural and light. This is my first product from Givenchy, it pretty good and I am really enjoying use it.

The Brow drama from Maybelline in the color dark brown I got in the April in London. I don't know what I think about this product, I am just enjoying use it for my eyebrow. It's easy to use and sets the brow for all day long.

The blusher that I used a lot this month is by the brand Gosh, the color is 42 Melon. It's a mat peachy color, not very pigment, but it's good for every day use.

I use this Eau Thermale by Avène for setting my makeup in the morning. I have ever tried the setting spray from Urban Decay, but I found it didn't work for me. So I just use this spray instead of any makeup setting spray to set my makeup or refresh my face if I feel a little bit dry.

Don't forget to protect you eyes and moisturise your hands.

Hope you all have a nice month and enjoy the sunshine!