Haul: New Purchases SkinCare

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Because some reasons, I went to shopping...

Firstly, I got some skincare products from Kruidvat and an another bio shop. My skin changed a lot this month, it's so bad recently, I got lots of pimple both on my forehead and my chin. I don't know why, I didn't change my skincare routine, my skin is just so bad.

So I decide to purchase some new products. Of course I had to do some research before I made the purchase. So, as usual I googled, and searched on Youtube, and checked out the other beauty blogs. After that I made my shopping list.

Fistly, I went to Kruidvat, it's just like the UK Boots, but it's pretty smaller. I wanted to buy some Vitamin E face oil, or face cream. However I didn't find the face oil in Kruidvat, but I got the Kruidvat Vitamin E night cream. It's very cheap, only 3,99€, so I thought why not to try it, it's so cheap. I haven't use it yet, but I heard some good reviews form other beauty bloggers, so I decided to try out.

I will do a review after using it for a while. Hope that can make my skin getting better.

If you have any suggestions, please leave comment below. It will help me a lot!

Because I didn't find the facial Vitamin E oil, so I went to another store which is also selling some skincare products. They have a lot of brands that I have never heard, they are from the bio skincare line, and it has a lot of variaty. I found what I wanted, and also found the product that I was looking for a long time, which is Aloe Vera gel. It's 100% organic, and no parfum.

This is the first time that I buy dr. organic products, I have no idea if they are good or not, hopefully it works on me.

The nice thing was I got 25% off for all the skincare products.
This Aloe Vera gel was 8,95€ and after 25% it was 6 something euros.

The another product I got today was from the same brand, dr. organic. The Vitamin E Pure Oil. Nothing have to say about this product, if it works I will try the cream and the others. They have quite a lot products, not only skincares but also shampoo, conditioners and lip balms etc.

This one was 10,95€ and after 25% discount I paid 8 something euros for it. I think it's not too bad.