Who Doesn't Love Those Rose Gold Brushes?!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Finally, finally, I got those Zoeva Brushes! This was my first time buying makeup brushes without touching them in store, without feeling them on my skin... maybe all because they have such high scores on YouTube and other beauty blogs. I told myself: you have to give it a go. So I did! 

I love good makeup brushes, they do really make your face products different. So spending some money on a good brush to me is not a waste, because those things touch your skin every single day. M.A.C. brushes are very good but at the same time it means they are quite expensive. I don't know how many girls can spend more than 40euro on a M.A.C. Foundation brush, maybe still a lot, but I do really think they are a little bit over the price. So, not that long ago I found the brand Zoeva, they do make really really good quality makeup brushes, surprisingly they are also very affordable.

Rose Golden Luxry Set Vol.2; 8 essential brushes for face and eyes: 3 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. Retail price: €65,00

As you can tell they are in beautiful rose gold color. They are made very well, the brushes are very soft, and the makeup clutch comes along with the brushes, is very large and can fit lots of things in. It will be very handy for travelling.

You also got a card in the pouch which is a product control card, it means the brushes were controlled by someone from Zoeva before sending to you, and you also can scan the barcode to make sure the brushes are authentic.

Of course, you can also purchase the individual brushes, there are so many brushes on its website. If you're searching for some specific brushes, it is a good place to spend some time on. I'm not sure how long this brush can last, and how it will be after few washes, but I heard so many good reviews about Zoeva brushes, so I'm hoping it will last a bit longer. 

If you are looking for some new, good quality but not that pricy makeup brushes, I highly recommend this Zoeva brushes. 

PS. Sorry that I'm not good at taking photos, but all the pictures are taken in the natural light, no filter and no editing, which also means that you can see the 'true' color of the products. 

PPS. I got mine on the website themakeupspot.nl, if you live in Belgium or Netherland, they do free shipping and next day delivery if you spend more than €45; You can also purchase them on zoeva-shop.de, but you have to pay the shipping cost(€5,50) to Belgium; but they ship worldwide.

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