My Slightly Building Up Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Saturday, 7 March 2015

You only need a moment to fall in love with something or someone: a cute boy; a princess dress; a pair of classic high heels, or a makeup brand. So simple is that, just a sneak peak or just one touch you instantly cannot leave it behind.

When today's morning I did my everyday makeup, I suddenly found my Charlotte Tilbury collection is kinda of big now. Of course I'm not a makeup artist, I like to try different products from different brands, I don't tend to get lots of products from one brand, but if I did, the only reason should be that is my 'true love'. 

I paid all those items by my own money. Some of them from the website net-a-porter, when they did free shipping I always tended to grab some stuff which is already in my 'wish list'. I love this website, they stock quite few high-end brands that we couldn't find here in Belgium, such as: Charlotte Tilbury; Burberry Beauty; SK II; Hourglass; EVE LOM; Aesop etc. Suprisingly the price is very reasonable, because of the Euro exchange rate, sometimes you have to pay extra money on the UK website, but on the net-a-porter site the Euro price is kind slightly cheaper than in British Pound.
As you can tell my Charlotte Tilbury Make-up collection is slightly building up: Light Wonder Foundation; The Retoucher Concealer; Filmstar Bronze & Glow; The Dolce Vita Eye Palette; Lip Cheat Lip Liner and Matte Revolution Lipstick. All those products are kind of my everyday essentials. I would not use them all together, but if you want, it's totally up to you. I just prefer to mix my makeup and use different items every day. But every single product works perfect on my skin. I know they are quite pricey, but I do like spending some money on makeup and skincare products, good products can also give your skin some benefits. 

If you are interested in the Light Wonder Foundation and The Retoucher Concealer I have a full review of those two amazing products. I will link here

For people who are obsessed with dark lipstick and 'your lips but in better color' lip pencil, you might have to check out this post, it's all about that lips! 

I can't be more excited with this recent purchases: Filmstar Bronze & Glow and The Dolce Vita Eye Palette. The Filmstar Bronze & Glow I use every single day since I got it. It's really a beautiful bronze and highlighter palette both for day and night time. The bronze you can use all over your face, not only for contouring but also for that sun-kissed glow. I'm super obsessed with the highlighter, it gives you such beautiful shin on your cheekbones, without looking too dramatically. A little goes a long way, it just adds some extra brightness and healthiness to your everyday makeup look. You need this palette in your life.

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