That Sunday Shampoo For Your Sunday

Sunday, 29 March 2015

No suprising I finally got my hands on this Sunday Shampoo. It can be a little bit weird, if we do not use it on Sunday, but you know you can always make your own rules. If you have read my previously blog post you would know that I got this Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo not long ago, in a store called Cosmeticary in Antwerp. I've travelled a lot in the past few weeks and had a lot of chance to visit one of my favourite cities -Antwerp-. It's kinda a boring thing to visit a city again agian, but it's okay, I love this city. And next month I will live there until this summer. A bad news for me is that I will have lots of chance to go shopping... but it sounds great, right? 

Back to today's thema. For the first time I was super impressed with the result that it gave to my hair in the next day( I wash my hair at night). The texture of my hair was so good, and I was super enjoying to feel and touch my hair constantly during the day, it also gives that healthy shin which I always want to have. As you might know I barely use any styling products on my hair after washing it, the only reason that I could find is all because I'm such a lazy girl when it comes to hair routine. But after using this Sunday Shampoo, I really can feel the different, my hair is super clean, it takes all the dirtiness and gives the hair a completely new life. 

This clarifying shampoo is not only for people who have oily hair, for who have dry hair can also become friend with it. It doesn't dry out your hair and leave that dull feeling, you even don't need to condition your hair after using it. I love my hair feel soft and look healthy -who doesn't like it- especially if you use styling products to your hair in the week, you will need this Sunday Shampoo to give your hair a break -at least once a week-. 

It took me so long to get hands on this shampoo, not only because its price (It's €18,00), it's also quite hard to get it in store or online in Belgium. But we can always make it work, for people who live in this small country -like me- here is a good news for all beauty lovers. The website Cosmeticary which I would highly recommend to all of you, it has quite few high-end brands that difficult to find in Belgium, such like Laura Mercier, By Terry, Bobbi Brown, Bumble and Bumble etc. You can purchase makeup, shampoo, conditioner, skincare products all in one place, it does also ship to your home, if you spend more than €65,00 you will get free shipping in Belgium. 

I think I become in love with the brand Bumble and Bumble, they have quite few other ranges of shampoo and conditioner. What could be the next one on my list?!

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