Sunday Lazy Day Makeup Look: March 2015

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hey guys, Happy Sunday! I don't know you guys but every Sunday morning, I don't want to get up even though I've already woken up. And I don't want to put any makeup on neither... but you know the rules, I have to go out with family, so I need put something on my face to make me look more awake and healthy. 

My Sunday Makeup Menu is super simple, I only use 3 products to do my entire face makeup. No foundation, no eye makeup, no lipstick. Because it is Sunday, or what we like to call it 'Lazy day' of the week. Let's get started! 

1. Conceal all the imperfections 

No foundation? okay, it's fine. But... we need a good concealer. I like to use my all time favourite Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Conceal & Treat Skick, in the shade #2 Fair, which is perfect to brighten up my under eye area. What else you can do with this magic pen is to cover up the acne scars, any imperfections, and even out your complexion. If you wanna look natural, and have that no makeup makeup look, using concealer instead of foundation is the best way to avoid cakey face. Once you blend it very well into the skin, it's barely could see that you have 'somthing' on your face. The blemishes still show through? That's no problem, because it's a part of our skin. 

2. Give me that brows

Brows can give your face more definition, and make you look more awake. Although I have natural black hair, I still wanna my brows look a little bit softer such as my personality on the girly side. The Soap & Glory Brow Archery is something I would like to use for my daily makeup look. It is easy to use, even for the beginners; and it doesn't take too much time; the price is also very affordable. The only downside is that they have only 2 shades available: one light shade for blond hair and one dark shade for brown hair. I got mine in the light shade: #blondshell, only because I don't need to do too much thing to my brows, and I do like my brows in a lighter and softer colour.  

3. We do like pinky cheeks

If a good concealer can cover up any imperfections, a pinky or coral blusher can make your look to a next level. You don't need to build up a huge blush collection like some makeup artists, blush is the thing that you have to take some time to finish them. Pinky or coral colour blushers are the essential for every one, it can be used not only for day time but also for night out. This Benefit Rockateur Blush are my recent purchase, I've heard so many great reviews about this blusher, it has a little bit of shimmer in it but very soft, once you apply it on your face, it's hardly noticeable. 

Concealer, eyebrow pencil and a pinky blusher: that's all for a lazy 'no makeup' makeup Sunday! 

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