Those Snow White Sneakers

Monday, 16 February 2015

There are quite some times that I haven't update my blog, is all because I've been sick for the past 2 weeks. But now I'm back. I feel much more better and I got lots of new inspiration as well. So let's get started with today's 'Hot' and very 'In the season' Trend of those White Sneakers

The white sneakers've been very popular since last summer, but now even in the winter time they are still quite HOT and in the 'Must Have' list. There are lots of choices in the market, not only the high-street brands but also few high-end brands also have designed their own white sneakers. Here is a sneak peak of those white walkers.

1. The Basic 

The first brand came to my mind when people talked about white sneakers is Converse. We're all familier with this brand, it is popular, stylish and comfy, the price is very affordable and they can be for everyone. Besides their basic white low or high-top sneakers they also have a pair all-white one. Dress it up or down is absolutely no question. If one pair is not enough, adding an another pair is not a joke at all, because they are always your wardrobe essential. 

2. Your Stan Smith

White is too boring, why not to add some colors in it? As result here is your Adidas Stan Smith! Red, Green or Navy Blue... they are all beautiful colors. But when they met the color white, it will have some amazing result. I'd owned my first pair of Adidas sneakers when I was a little girl, in my class everyone had a pair. They were such a must have in the 90's! Even now I think it's time to get my second pair. They are absolutely stunning, if the Converse is the basic, the Adidas Stan Smith will instantly tell you what it calls fashion.

3. Make It Easy: Slip-on 

Vans Slip-on Sneakers make your day super easy in just one step. You even don't need to think about them,  they are already on your feet. They are the perfect pair of shoes for those lazy days - for the days you don't want to dress up; for the days you just go to the supermarket to buy some food; for the days you want to take your puppy for a walk - Everything can be easy in those slip-on sneakers. 

4. Upgrade Your Sneakers

Of course your sneakers can be upgraded. When you added a designer tag on your basic white sneakers, they are instantly up to a higher level. Isabel Marant Etoile Bart leather sneakers, obviously they are pricy for what they are. If you are a white-black kinda of girl, adding a pair of designer sneakers will make your everyday boring outfit more interesting and stylish in one moment.

- White Sneakers for winter?
- Yes, they are pretty Hot now...

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