Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Today is the last day of 2014 following the traditional Chinese calender, and tomorrow we will meet the 'Year of the Goat'. Yes, next year is Goat, or Sheep whatever you want to call it.

Some people might ask why Chinese people have two New Years? Yes, we do celebrate twice. And for the Chinese people the Chinese New Year is the 'real' New Year, it means a new starting; happiness; having a reunion; winter holiday etc. We also called it 'spring festival' to welcome the upcoming spring. If you don't have time you don't need to go home on January 1st, but before the Chinese New Year you have to be back and celebrate it with family and friends. That is what we called Chinese Tradition.

For some reason this year I couldn't go back to Beijing, but normally I do always go back and celebrate this important festival with my grandfather. I'm sad that I couldn't go back and visit my grandfather, but you know when you grew up, sometimes you can't make decision by your own, that make me super depressed. 

Whatever, today is a special day for all the Chinese, we say goodbye to the year of Horse, and welcome the year of Goat. If you can go home I wish you have an amazing New Year with your family and enjoy your holiday; if not, don't be sad, it's okay, you can still celebrate this big date with friends. What you need to do today and tomorrow is just -be happy-. 

Red pocket to the kids for wishing they good luck

Firework: at 12pm on the last day of the year to welcome the new year

Special activities during the Chinese New Year for celebrating

Chinese dumplings: special dish for celebration the Chinese New Year; every family has their own recipe

Spring festival couplets: used as New Year decoration that expresses happy and hopeful thoughts for the coming year

CCTV New Year's Gala: a traditional Chinese New Year special produced by China Central Television

New Year's eve family dinner

If you have Chinese friends, don't forget to say ‘过年好(Guònián hǎo)’ when you met them, that would be the best wishes to all the Chinese people. 

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