Charlotte Tilbury Again: Lipstick And Lip Liner Combo

Thursday, 29 January 2015

I made a trip to London last Saturday, and I told myself, if there is one place you have to visit, is must be the Selfridges; if there is one makeup counter you have to visit, is must be the Charlotte Tilbury... Since then I couldn't help myself stop thinking of those red, nude, pinky, coral... lip colors. 

Of course I didn't get crazy at the Charlotte Tilbury counter, so I only picked up one lip liner and one lipstick that day. However I think I might in the future get some other colors as well. 

Beautiful beautiful red color. I'm not a red lipstick person at all, I barely wear bright colors on my lips, maybe because if I don't have eye makeup, I think the color red just breaks out the balance, and make me look older. Another reason is that a lot of red colors don't suit my skin tone, it makes me more yellow-ish, and just don't look right on my face. 

When I put this matte lipstick on my lips, I immediately thought I just wasn't find the right red color for my skin tone, and now the problem is solved, I become a red lipstick lover -No Doubt-. 

Matte can be also creamy, soft, and hydration. Don't be worried that this lipstick can dry out your lips, or make you feel dry and uncomfortable. If you have very dry lips, you can always add a lip balm on your lips. The lasting power of this matte lipstick is absolutely amazing. I have this lipstick on almost 6 hours, it still stays on. If you are kinda of new to the red or dark red lipstick (like me) I will recommend that using a lip brush to apply it instead of directly put it on your lips. Red lipstick can sometimes get a little bit messy on your lips, so using a lip brush helps with precision can make the whole process much more easier. 

This lipstick is £23,00. You can purchase it online or on the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Selfridages. There are 10 shades availiable, swatches here

If red is too much for you, this pinky nude lip liner will just hit your heart in a second. I'm not a big fan of lip liner; totally didn't understand why people wear lip liner before the lipstick; for some reason it also makes me thinking of the ladies from 80's and 90's, especially the red lip liner. 

I got this lip liner in the color Pillow Talk because the YouTuber and Beauty Blogger Amelia Liana, she talked a lot of this lip liner and she wears it a lot in her videos as well. I love her videos, love her vlogs and blogs. If she recommends this to me, I will just say YES. So, yes, now I have it, it's exactly the same color as she has. 

This beautiful pinky nude color makes your lips appear fuller, outline the top lip with this liner to emphasize the cupid's bow, and then fill it in. The liner is super smooth and easy to apply, it suits all skin tones. You can use it by its own or layer with an another nude or pink lipstick, it will make your lipstick stay on much longer and your lips will look beautifully. 

Price: £16,00 in 10 shades, switches here

I hope we can have a Charlotte Tilbury makeup counter here in Belgium. Please, please, bring it to Belgium! 

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