Review: Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Monday, 15 December 2014

When I last night took off my makeup by using this babe, and I saw I'm almost hitting the pan, which means it's time to do a review of this Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - 125ml

I got this babe back to the beginning of the year 2014, when I was visiting my family in Beijing. But that time I'd already heard so many people talked about this Clinique cleansing balm, sadly enough I couldn't find it in any stores in Belgium, even in the Clinique counter. Of course I didn't give up, when I saw it in Beijing, I immediately decided to take it home with me. 

I love the idea of the cleansing balm, it doesn't dry out your skin but at the same time it takes all your face makeup off, even the waterproof makeup. It's simple but does the good job. When I was tired in the evening and I didn't want to do a full face cleansing project, I can only use this cleansing balm to take off my face makeup and then using the toner to give my skin a second cleansing. That is all! You don't need to be worried about is there any makeup left on your skin? Nope, don't be worried about that, this balm really does what it said: Take the day off! 

The texture is very creamy, you only need a little bit of the product to take off your face makeup: foundation, blusher, powder, lipstick, eye shadows etc. I also like to do a 1 minutes massage for my skin, I think it's not only take all the dirty things off but also can give your skin a natural healthy glow. 

The another reason that I adore this Clinique cleansing balm is that it has no fragrance, it doesn't smell like anything. I don't like my skincare products smell like perfume, maybe some fruity scent or minty scent will be ok but actually I much prefer it has a simple and natural ingredients and doesn't contain any of the chemical stuff. 

Like I said I'm kind new to the cleansing balm family, I only have tried 2 products, one is this Cllinqie take the day off and the other one is from The Body Shop, which I've talked about few times in my blog. I can't say which one I like the most, because both of them are really really good, I like them even much. Maybe the Clinique one is a little bit hard to get in Belgium, and also it's a bit pricier than the The Body Shop one. 

A good news to the people who live in Belgium is that now this Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is also available in the Clinique counter in Galeria Inno Antwerp.

You can also buy it online: Boots in UK or any Clinique counters for £22,00 or in Belgium and Netherland on the website de Bijenkorf for €30,00. 

PS. Now it's on sale on the website de Bijenkorf.

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