Trip To Pairi Daiza (Panda Bear) -- The Most Beautiful Park and The Best Zoo in Belgium

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hi guys! What's up!

Last Wednesday my aunt and me visited the most welkown park in Belgium 'Pairi Daiza', which is also one of the biggest parks in Belgium.

If you had been following the news last year you may know that this park is the only park in Belgium has the panda bear, which means you can see Chinese Panda bear 'Haohao' and 'Xinghui' here rather than having to go to China.

Pairi Daiza is also a Theme Park which has different themes such as Chinese garden, Kingdom of Ganesha which is largest Indonesian garden in Europe, Rose garden, 'Big Five': the five most simbolic animals of Africa etc.

Here are some photos:

Hope you're all doing well en see you next time!