Review: IOPE AIR CUSHION XP Foundation

Sunday, 16 March 2014

I knew this foundation because a Korean TV drama, all the Asian girls should be farmiliar with this drama, maybe I have to say the "most" of girls and "boys".

Without thinking further result( my bank account is crying now), I bought this foundation on ebay. Of couse I have done some research before I purchase it as always. I got this foundation on hands last week, the shipping is fast, and the seller is pretty good. I uesed it twice, I have to say it 's not too bad, but also it's not an amazing product. I will talk more details about it and tell you why I am a little bit disppointed.

My skin type is combination to oil, around my T zone is very oily, my forehead and cheeks are a little bit dry. I have some blemishes on my forehead and chin, they are not very noticeable, but I need to hide them by using my foundation.

First of all, the package.

It's beautiful, and very handy, you can put it in your purse. I think it's pretty good. 5 stars!

Secondly, the smell.

It's very fresh, a little bit flower scent, it's not too strong. I have to say it's a pleasant scent. I have never smelt this scent in any foundations. NICE!

Then, the coverage.

The foundation I chose has a very light coverage (N21). If you have a good skin, then this foundation is maybe for you because it brings a little bit coverage, and even your skin tone, give your skin a very natural finish, and it is not heavy at all. But, if you like high coverage foundation, then you have to choose the another type with high coverage in this range, which is C21 or C23. N21 is a little bit to light for me, so I put an another layer to get more coverage but the result is not good as I thought.

High SPF

SPF 50+/PA +++, this is the most high SPF foundation that I have ever had. In the description says that this foundation can protect your skin from the sun damage and keep your skin moist and glossy. With this high SPF I don't feel greasy and heavy. So it's WELL DONE!


The best way to apply this foundation is to use the sponge that it gives you. It's a special sponge, it not absorb the foundation at all. Touch your face very slightly, and it will give you a very natural finish. One thing I have to mention is that I heard from another girl who said this sponge is very difficult to clean. I haven't try it so... this is a QUESTION?

Price: $ 35,99 + shipping $ 3,00 with refill

I am not quite sure if this is a high end brand or a drugstore brand in Korea, but the foundation is not cheap at all. Before I purchased it, I also compared the price from different website, ebay, amazon, and other online sites. I finally chose ebay, because this price is the most cheapest one that I could find. BUT, it is still quite pricey. UNHAPPY WITH THE PRICE!

The colors

There are 3 types of foundation, and it has only 3 colors: 21, 22 en 23.

Color 21 and 23 have yellow undertones and the nr. 22 has pink undertone with shimmer in it. You can choose from "Natural" N21 and N 23, "Shimmer" 22 or "Cover" C21 and C 23.


  • Convinience: very easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Very natural
  • Not greasy and heavy
  • High SPF
  • Mirror inside


  • The price
  • You can only buy it online in Europe 
  • The sponge is difficult to clean


Coverage: 2/5
Quality: 4/5
Price: 2/5

OVERALL:      3/5