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Thursday, 31 December 2015

I know I'm kind of disappearing quite a long time... I thought I will never write anything here again, but actually I was wrong.

I'm not sure if I will continue to write down any posts in the future, if not please forgive me... 
Today, the last day of 2015, 22h09, 31th December, not 2016 yet, but the sfeer made me feel that 2015 is already over, and we have to welcome the new year, a completely brand new year. Not a bad thing, but at the same time something made me feel a little bit sad, just a little bit. 

2015 is a special year to me...

- I lost my ever First iPhone 6 when I was travelling in London...

- I got very sick in the day of my birthday 12th Feb, so that I couldn't go back to Beijing to celebrate Chinese New Year with my grandpa, which made me very depressed. 

- I had my first job in April, in Antwerp, a beautiful city of Belgium. 

- I got my first salary :) 

- I decided to tread myself with a designer handbag: Gevenchy Pandora - now I use it every single day. 

- Had diner with a charming man from my company, we had such a great diner together. He is 18 years older than me. Let's call him CJ. 

- Had a very weird relationship with one of the friends - he is still a boy - not a 'real man'. Kind difficult to describe this relationship, had some great time together but he has a GF already, which made me very confused. And I don't like it... 

- In the same month I got CJ's phone call one day after work. Then we had diner together for the second time in a Chinese restaurant in Antwerp. I was quite suprised that he called me again after few months. But I knew I was very happy to receive his invitation. So we had second time to sit together, only us two. We had such fun evening, he made me feel very relax and happy. I did not to be worried about what we could talk, because we can talk anything and everything. He is very charming, very... He is the first 'man' I met in my 27 years life. He changed my thought. 

- The day after we had diner, it's a Friday. He asked me again if I would like to have lunch with him. It's kind weird because we already had diner last night, and I didn't know why he asked me again at work. But I will never say No to him. So we had lunch together in a restaurant close to our office. He told me he is not a guy who always dates young ladies and... I was the first one. He has a good feeling to me... no words could describe my feeling, I only could hear my hart was beating fast and faster. I have to recognize at that moment I fell in love with this man. 

- I failed my driving test... which it sucks.

- In the month October. I had a chance to go to Shanghai and visit the local company. Only 3 days, but felt like 3 months. The journey was quite busy, and boring to be honest. After I came back, I knew someting would be happend very soon. 

- After the seriously conversation with the boss, I finally decided to work in Shanghai in the beginning of 2016. 

- I was very confused because I live in Belgium for almost 10 years, Shanghai to me is totally a new place. I'm already so used to live in Belgium, speak Dutch with people, every Sunday visit my grandparents, pay with EUR... Change is not a bad thing, but it made me sad and scary. 

- I got my one-way ticket to Shanghai in December. 

I'm not a brave girl at all. I knew myself, I'm excited with the new life but at the same time I'm also very scared about it. I told myself to forget CJ, because he got married and has two lovely kids, he loves his kids, he loves his family. In the airplane to Shanghai, I told myself to forget him and start a brand new life in Shanghai. I cried a lot, in the night, when I was beginning to think I have to leave this country, leave the company, and since then I will never see CJ again... it drives me crazy.  

Maybe no one knows who is CJ, no one cares about what's happend in my life, no one will remember the feeling that I have right now, but all is okay, if only I know,  I know I loved him, in the year of 2015, it's fine. 

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