How to Wear: Denim On Denim

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Floral prints, White Lace, Kimono-style, Animal prints... If there is something special in the world of Fahsion it's must be the Denim on Denim trends. We love denim, whatever Jeans, denim shirt, or skirt, all those items are your wardrobe essentials all year around. If you ask someone how do you style your Jeans? Well, I believe the most people will answer: "T-shirt or sweaters". But this year there is a little thing different. We do not pair white t-shirt with our blue jeans, we wear 'Double Denim'. I know it's kind weird, but this is what we called Fashion. 

I picked up few outfits that I like the most from the 2015 Fashion Weeks. If you wear denim every single day, it's time to style your old denim with some new ideas.

#Outfit 1

Denim shirt x Denim jeans short

Tips: A fitted denim shirt can not only make you look flattering but also give you that cool but with a little bit feminine feeling. You can always layer your light wash denim shirt with a dark wash denim shorts or jeans. This Double Denim look will make you look fresh and stylish. 

# Outfit 2

Head-To-Toe White  

Tip: Summer or spring are the best time to play with your white denim. If you are not that confident to wear white jeans or shorts, a pair of loose fitting white jeans may give you a little bit help. 

#Outfit 3

Denim shirt x Denim Skirt 

Tip: Yes, denim skirt is back! By choosing a darker denim skirt will minimise your hips and thighs. This outfit can be worn both for normal work days or girls night out. 

#Outfit 4

Longer Jean Skirts & Denim Jumpsuits

Tips: Don't want to show your legs but still want to wear skirt? This trend is must for you. Long Jean skirt covers up the part of your body where you don't want to show, but it also gives you that feminine body shape. Jumpsuit is one of the most difficult garments to style, at least in my opinion; The easiest way to style your denim jumpsuit is keep it clean and make sure that it suits your body shape.

#Outfit 5

Wider Legs & Shorter Hems

Tips: Skinny jeans are still very in, but the cropped wide-leg jeans can give you a little different between all the girls. Especially in those lazy days, want to wear something that comfy but still stylish, why not to try a pair of cropped wide-leg denim jeans? 

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