Vlogmas Started: Are You Ready For Christmas?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hey, guys! Happy December! I hope you are all doing very well and have a nice December! 

I'm super excited for the month December, because you know, who doesn't like Christmas, who doesn't like gifts, who doesn't like parties? I do, I think you guys do as well. 

As you all know I love watching YouTube videos, and now there are something special going on in the YouTube world, which is VLOGMAS! I was already a huge fun of the vlogmas last year, but this year I think I enjoy it a lot more. If you don't know what is Vlogmas, it's a YouTube started trend where you vlog(video blog) every single day up until the Christmas day which is 25th. The vlog is mainly about your daily life, what you do every single day, hangout with friends or family, shopping for the gifts, or other interesting things. I know I know it sounds crazy, but actually it's really interesting to watch. 

Maybe you will say that I'm not really into other people's life, it's not fun. But sometimes it just makes me very happy to see what other's life are, especially the YouTubers that I am falling love with. 

Today I'm gonna share with you my TOP 5 Vlogmas: 

Fleur is one of my old time favorite YouTubers, I watch her videos for very long time. She does vlogmas almost every year, I think. I really enjoy watching her vlogs, it has so much fun. I love her puppies, love her happy face. She does really motivated me to be more happier every single day. 

Ingrid is a very popular YouTubers in the YouTube world. Love her style, love her makeup, and especially love her cooking videos. I was super happy when I saw her first vlogmas on the 1st December. I'm really looking forward seeing more vlogs from her! 

If you've read 'My Top 5 Favorite YouTubers' you will know that she is absolutely stunning. I love watching her vlogs, her hauls and her makeup tutorials. Her life is not fancy, it just so close to ours. I'm not watching shows, I don't like fancy stories. Her's vlog is just the thing for every single person.

They are twins! They are sisters! But they are also the best friends in the entire world! This was the first time they did volgmas, I really suprised with their first vlog. Maybe you will say it's a little bit boring, but it's totally ok for me, this is just the normal life that we have. 

You know what this is so painful to choose my last favorite vlogmas. But it has to be the vlogmas from Amelia! This girl laughs all the time, wathcing her videos has so much fun. Especially when she met the another YouTuber Essiebutton, OH My God! I can't stop laughing! 

Here is the end of this blog post, but you know we will meet very soon! I hope you enjoy this blog post and good luck everyone! 

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