Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Friday, 19 December 2014

Still have no idea what to give to your family or friends for Christmas? Here are some tips for you... 
#1. To The Best Mom In The World

Do you have some troubles? Don't know what to buy to your mom? Here are 3 small questions for you to answer first... 
I) Does your mom love Fashion and Beauty?  --> YES. Get her a gift card of her favorite brand/store
                                                                           --> NO. See question Nr.2
II) Does your mom like cooking or any decorations?  --> YES. Candles, picture frames, cooking books or storages for house or kitchen.  
                                                                                      --> NO. See question Nr.3
III) Is your mom a book or film lover?  --> YES. But don't get her a book or a film if you're not sure which one she likes, just buy a gift card and let her make the final decision.

#2. To The Handsome Daddy

I always have some troubles when I had to get something for my dad or my grandpa. Get him a scarf... nope, that was his birthday present. Get him a sweater... Every year the present that I got for him was always the same, because I really had no idea what he wants and what he likes. So my suggestion is asking your dad or grandpa, or just let him make a wish list. That will make the question much more easier.  
But, if you don't want to ask him, if you want to choose his present by yourself... A scarf? A cosy sweater? Or some chocolate? Or buy him a voucher of a chic restaurant, or wine bar if he likes drinking wine.  

#3. To My Lovely Boy/Girl Friend

If you ask me what to get for my boy/girl friend? I will ask you back what does she/he like? There is no one can be same, and there is no certain answer of what to get for her/him. She/he must have ever said something when you were together going shopping or walking past by some stores. Such as: "oh, that's so cool.""I like this dress.""What do you think of these NIKE trainers?" Those conversations are the point of getting her/his presents. 

These following items might help you a little bit... 
  • Shoes both for girls and boys
  • Pyjama for girls
  • Gift card of ASOS, TOPSHOP, ZARA, COS or any stores she/he likes
  • A weekend trip to an another city or country with your lovely BF/GF
  • Luxury products: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Céline, YSL etc. 

#4. To The Best Friends In My Life

There is no doubt that your friends will love anything that you got her/him for Christmas. Because we are the best friends in the world. 

For the makeup lover friends: NARS Cheek Palette, MAC Lipstick, Chanel Nr. 5 perfume, Jo malone candles. You will surprise her by those amazing presents. 
For guys, okay, that maybe is a little bit difficult. But we will make it work. Backpack might be a good choose for the boys who love travelling a lot. Some interesting books for the book lovers. Skincare for your guy friends, which is also not too bad. iPhone case for his new iPhone 6, maybe with some funny picture on... You see your friends are not difficult at all, you can always find a little thing to surprise them, and make them more happier, which also means that you will be happy at the same time. 

I hope this last minute gift ideas can help you a bit, and if you really don't know what to get for your family or friends, just making him/her a card by yourself and drawing some pictures or stories, that will be also a nice gift. 

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