Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

Friday, 20 February 2015

New York Fashion Shows are still going on, it brings so many amazing outfits, hair and makeup looks. At the same time it also gives us a sneak peek of 2015 spring/summer makeup trends. 

1. Supernatural Skin

As a normal human we do not have perfect skin... but thanks God we can fix it. A perfect makeup look can not be without your luminous skin. Here the word luminous does not only mean a full coverage foundation with a little bit highlighter. Nope, it more means a natural, healthy and clean face. Especially in the summer time, no one does like cakey makeup look, no one wants to look like a shiny disco ball. 

2. Natural Eyelashes 

Fake lashes are such a popular trends in the beauty world, eveyone wants to have full and long lashes. But for the upcoming spring and summer everything has to be natural: natural makeup base, natural hair, and natural lashes as well. So, put your mascara away this spring and summer, by only using eyelash curler to create an 'all natural no makeup' makeup look. 

3. Bright & Light Lips 

Red lips are never out of the trend, but this time we want to achieve something extra on our lips. Both bright and light lip colors are very 'In' in the New York Fashion Shows. For those bright lip shades like orange, berry cherry and the mix of red and pinkish hue, they not only show what the classic is, but also bring some colors to the natural makeup look. On the other hand, the pinkish nude lip shades are the perfect colors matching the spring and summer seasons. Natural; fresh; clean and healthy look are all what we want for the upcoming seasons. 

4. Graphic Eyeliner

This trend I think is more on the fancy side. It might not be for everyone, and during the day time it would be too dramatic, but you will have lots of fun to play around when you have a night-out with friends. The best thing is that you can always create your own look, there are no rules, you can do whatever you like, or you want. 

5. Those Twiggy Eyes 

Another playful and creative makeup look. If you are not a big fan of that no makeup makeup look, then you can always 'over do it' - of course in a good way -. Actually I'm a little bit shocked by this trend, because if you don't do it perfect, it will look very messy. So if you want to try this look, please make sure that doing some exercises before you mess up your eyes. 

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