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Monday, 12 January 2015

Barcelona is the city where I always wanted to visit, and now my dream came true! We went to Barcelona for 5 days, it's not long but you have enough time to explorer the city, find some intresting shops, visit the well-known places. As you know I just came back from Barcelona, the weather there was much better than in Belgium, the temperature was between 13°C to 17°C; and in Belgium, we only have cold, rainy and windy weather in the winter time... I am super happy that we decided to go to Barcelona, the city is beautiful, the food is super delicious, and the people is very kind and friendly. 

Our hotel -Regina- is very close to the Placa de Catalunya which is a very famous square in Barcelona. The room is not that big for 3 persons, but it's ok, you have all the things you need: bathtub, slippers, dressing gown, hair dryer, nice services and clean room. 

When we choose hotel, we always want to find the one that not too far away from the centre of the city. The price can be a littel bit higher, but it's more convenient, and sometimes you can just walk to the places that you want to visit. 

I highly recommend this market, it's very close to the Placa de Catalunya. We go to there almost every day. The prices were very cheap, you can find so many yummy foods: fruit, veggies, meat, fish, and some special local products. It's open from Monday to Saturday, close on Sunday. 

On the road: La Rambla Barcelona

The another 'must go' place is La Sagrada Familia. It's better to purchase tickets online, otherwise you have to wait more than 30min in the longest row of the world... 

For restaurants recommendation, we have been to those two places many times during this 5 days trip in Barcelona - Teresa Carles & CACHITOS - 

Teresa Carles is a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona. We went to there at least 3 times, so you can see how much we did love this restaurant. The food is super yummy and healthy. If you love healthy but delicious food, this place you have to give a go. Surprisingly the price is very affordable; €15,00 - €18,00 p.p.

The another restaurant is called CACHITOS, this one is the recommendation from our hotel. They have tapas, and also different meals. The restaurant inside is very large, the environment is very relaxing and you can also order some small dishes, or drinks if you don't want to have a big meal. This restaurant is a little bit pricier than the other one, the price between €20,00 - €25,00 p.p. 

As you can tell I'm very happy with the trip to Barcelona with my family. We all had an amazing time there. If you've never been to Barcelona before, I think from now you can begin to plan your next trip. 

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